What I Do
Every project is unique, and I offer a range of services based on your needs, the budget and the opportunity space.

My passion is to deliver exceptional experiences, prioritising projects with a high potential impact. Please get in touch to see how we can collaborate.
I map and model patterns amongst your stakeholders, the market and wider society to identify pressures and opportunities: helping you differentiate and improve your competitive advantage.
I find out where customers currently get value, as well as where and how we can add to it. This helps us build exceptional experiences which improve engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.
Service + Platform
I help you streamline your back of house processes and tech to deliver those experiences effectively: finding opportunities for increased efficiency and richer customer insights.
Brand + Digital
I help you understand and build your brand: creating guidelines around what you and your customers value and designing digital/physical materials that foster trust, satisfaction and loyalty.
Interested in my work, have any questions,
or just fancy a cup of tea and a chat?