The framework
All design, consciously or unconsciously, cycles through these stages. Every project develops an ethos and a strategy and seeks to evolve and adapt it: prototyping interactions and experiences in order to develop some kind of service.

Designers therefore operate within a number of nested systems and assumptions.

This framework is informed by the latest design theory and criticism as well as time-honoured wisdom. It helps to engage a systemic and reflective mindset for every scale of project. As a result, it helps to reconsider what is possible in order to envision and create a better future.

This growing design mindset embraces complexity and seeks to transform experiences for the better — at whatever scale it operates.
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Raised with an appreciation of craft and a sensitivity for form, my training and practice is the art and science of design.

I am a researcher and designer who fuses systems thinking with human and life-centered design to unearth strategies which are built with evidence in mind and evolve with experience and context.
My fundamental desire is to
make things with care
Passionate about systemic and strategic thinking, I find ways to navigate complexity in order to build useful tools and services for communities and our world.

I’m a curious generalist with skills across the design spectrum. These skills help to explore, generate, evaluate and evolve strategies which are tailored to their context, their stakeholders and to the opportunity space.

My unsiloed background helps me to empathise across contexts, as well as effectively facilitate and verbally/visually communicate across domains of expertise and experience.
I offer a range of services tailored to organisational needs. These help to tackle every scale of challenge: from the relatively simple to the complex.
A circle inside another to represent scoping problem areas within a wider system.
Systems Thinking
Outline systems and opportunities
A circle within a triangle to represent triangulating strategies within a wider strategic framework.
Strategic Thinking
▸ Discover shared purpose
A diamond within a heart to represent creating experiences within a wider service ecosystem.
Designing for Service Experiences
▸ Grow compassionate services
▸ Craft wonderful experiences
A number of orbiting circles within a sphere to represent the evolution of user interactions over time.
Designing Product Interactions
▪ Provide compelling narratives
▪ Nurture organic interactions
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