Strategic, experience-centred research and design ->
Strategic, experience-centred research and design
Based in London
01_Drive Behaviours
I use cognitive and behavioural science, context-based research and cybernetics to find holistic insights and create better outcomes for clients and their customers.
From interviews, observation and workshops through to psychographic surveys and data analysis.
02_Provide Delight
I explore customers' shared lives with products and services, identifying sources of friction and opportunities to add value.
03_Design strategically
I help prioritise and deliver higher-quality digital and physical experiences, based on what's possible right now and with a strategic view to what's possible moving forwards.
I care about delivering real value. That means working with integrity, responsibility and care to improve the wellbeing of people, society and the planet.
I work in close partnership with my clients to understand their customers, their portfolios and their market to deliver experiences that their customers truly value.

Over the process, I share the knowledge, tools and infrastructure necessary to build this value into the future.

This is because I have a deep commitment to making things with real value, that really work, and work for you.
Interested in working together, have any questions,
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